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PlanPlus Expands Operations to the West Coast

March 31, 2009 12:00 PM

Shawn Brayman

PlanPlus announced recently that they have expanded operations to the Los Angeles region in order to provide better support for Canadian and American west coast customers and keep key personnel geographically closer to their growing customer base in Malaysia and China.
Brad Greer, VP Global Sales & China Operations joined PlanPlus in October.  Greer is based in California where he can provide a strong presence for both US and Asian customers. PlanPlus has also recently added Danielle Touchstone to LA operations. Touchstone is a graduate of Texas Tech University's Financial Planning Program and has experience in the US, Italy and England.
The addition of west coast operations expands PlanPlus support desk services from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.  North American customers now have live support during regular business hours coast to coast.
"Expanding our sales and support to the west coast is an important strategic move for PlanPlus", said Shawn Brayman, President of PlanPlus. "The unique skills of our initial LA team provide a nucleus that allows us to better support our traditional Canadian customer base while also becoming more proactive on our global sales and support activities."
Brad Greer is a key North American financial planning resource in China. Greer has been invited to present workshops to Chinese bankers and financial planners both in Hong Kong and in mainland China on the topic "Creating Trust in a Financial Planning Environment and Delivering Financial Planning Services".  Greer will also be teaching best practices around creating and presenting written financial plans.
"The story in China" said Greer "is how to create trust in a new financial planning environment that is being complicated by a world-wide financial crisis." 
The new PlanPlus west coast operation is multi-lingual. Greer and Touchstone are both fluent in three languages - Greer in English, Spanish and Chinese and Touchstone in English, Spanish and Italian. "I feel like our product is unique in the industry because it is multi-lingual and multi-currency.  We are able to serve English, French, Spanish and Chinese customers and there's no better place to start than in southern California if you want to have access to those kinds of advisors and clients," said Greer. "Plus, it's just a 12 hour flight to Shanghai!"

PlanPlus Inc. is a Canadian firm that provides wealth management and financial planning software solutions to financial services firms worldwide. PlanPlus has become a world-recognized firm with its ground-breaking software PlanPlus Web Advisor, and industry leading training and service offerings. PlanPlus has users in North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Customers include major banks, stock brokers/investment firms, insurance, credit union, mutual fund and financial planning firms in 9 countries around the world. PlanPlus is a Canadian company established in 1990. It is privately owned and located in Lindsay, Ontario.

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