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PlanPlus Launches Multi-lingual Web Advisor

October 14, 2009 04:00 PM

Shawn Brayman

PlanPlus Inc., developer of the award-winning global financial planning software PlanPlus Web Advisor, has announced  that they have launched their software to the US market.  PlanPlus is planning to fill the gap in the US market for high-level financial planning tools for the rapidly growing Spanish and Chinese market segments.

The 2000 US census revealed that almost 1 in 5 Americans speaks a language other than English at home.  In the US North East and the West Coast that percentage is closer to 30%. 

“The US has a lot of financial software solutions” said Brad Greer, Vice President of Global Sales for PlanPlus, “but we feel there is a significant market to help service emerging segments of the population that are currently underserved.  For example, the Chinese community is generally good savers and often affluent, but unlikely until now to receive written financial plans in their own language.”

PlanPlus is the world’s first multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional investment and financial planning software. PlanPlus Web Advisor is being launched at the Investment Policy level and the software is available to US advisors and clients in English, Spanish, Chinese and French. 

“We need to recognize and respect the unique culture and needs of these sectors of our populations” said Greer, an American who is fluent in Chinese and Spanish and spent time working in China.  “Our software is a good response to requests from the CFP Board of Standards, the American Financial Planning Association and the SEC to provide financial literacy tools and access to professional financial planners for underserved segments of the US market.”

PlanPlus Web Advisor includes an easy to use web-based IPS solution, mutual fund and stock data provided by Morningstar for the US marketplace and the ability to integrate to an advisory firms back office.

“PlanPlus has traditionally focused on Canada and the market outside North America,” said Shawn Brayman, PlanPlus President. “Given the recent market turmoil and record levels of consumer distrust, we felt that we could bring an outstanding IPS solution with some unique language capabilities to the US advisor community to help advisors fill some of the trust gap.”

PlanPlus is an Advanced IBM Business Partner and the US launch was combined with a marketing program sponsored by IBM.

PlanPlus Inc. provides advice centric wealth management and financial planning software solutions to financial services firms worldwide.  PlanPlus has become a world-recognized firm with its ground-breaking software PlanPlus Web Advisor and industry-leading training and service offerings.  PlanPlus has users in North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. PlanPlus Inc is a Canadian company established in 1990. It is privately owned and located in Lindsay, Ontario.

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