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Michael Stiglianese Joins Sentrigo’s Advisory Board
December 5, 2008 09:00 AM

Brings more than 28 years of finance industry experience to database security vendor

Michael Stiglianese
Advisory Board Member

Sentrigo, Inc., an innovator in database security software, has announced that Michael Stiglianese, former chief information technology risk officer at Citigroup, has joined Sentrigo’s advisory board. An information security visionary with a wealth of perspective on the global financial services industry, Stiglianese will offer guidance to the company as it intensifies its work with financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad. With Stiglianese’s addition, Sentrigo’s advisory board now includes noted leaders in database security, database performance, healthcare, telecommunications and financial services.
Stiglianese recently retired from Citigroup after spending 28 years with the company. He began his career in the Financial Control division and advanced to become CFO of several Citigroup businesses, including Financial Institutions and Transaction Services, Global Transaction Services, Global Shared Services, and Corporate Operations and Technology. In 2004, he became Citigroup’s chief information technology risk officer, with responsibility for the firm’s global information security and continuity of business programs. Stiglianese recently joined the TechPar Group, a technology industry advisory firm based in the New York area.
Sentrigo created Hedgehog, as a host-based software solution for real-time database monitoring, database auditing and breach prevention. Companies can quickly download and install Hedgehog Enterprise™ or the free version, Hedgehog Standard™, and benefit from immediate protection of sensitive data. Hedgehog automatically defends against the most commonly used database attack techniques, including SQL injection and privilege escalation. Sentrigo’s newest product, the Hedgehog IDentifier™ add-on for Hedgehog Enterprise, associates database actions with individuals in pooled connection environments.
“Database security keeps many information security officers up at night and must be at the top of the agenda of any company dealing with sensitive information about customers or with financial data,” said Stiglianese. “Sentrigo’s Hedgehog is the first solution to really address companies’ needs for a product that can be used on all databases that need protecting and can’t be bypassed by database experts. Companies have many—potentially thousands—of databases that need protecting, with the biggest threat coming from company insiders, and this product is equipped to reduce this risk quickly and efficiently. I’m excited to work alongside Sentrigo to bring them further into the finance industry.”

Nathan Shuchami, chief executive officer at Sentrigo, welcomed Stiglianese: “Several of our first customers have been in the financial services arena—an area that’s long been very aggressive and forward-looking about information security. Mike’s addition to Sentrigo’s advisory board further strengthens our commitment to stay ahead of the curve in delivering innovative database security solutions to our customers. We’re delighted to be working with him and appreciate the unique perspective he brings from nearly three decades in leadership positions at one of the largest financial institutions in the world.”
Sentrigo’s Hedgehog database security software is available for download at <> .
Sentrigo, Inc. is an innovator in security software that monitors all database activity and protects sensitive information in real time in order to prevent both internal and external data breaches. Sentrigo’s Hedgehog software, including a free version, can be downloaded and easily installed to provide immediate protection against breaches, as well as virtual patching against recently discovered threats—with minimal impact on database performance. The product’s unparalleled level of protection, coupled with its ease of use, makes it the instant standard for database security and regulatory compliance. Sentrigo was named by Network World as one of the 10 IT security companies to watch in 2007.

For additional information and to download Hedgehog, visit

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